Adhesive labels, labels, shipping labels !

Selbstklebeetiketten, Haftetiketten, neutrale Etiketten, Versandetiketten Self adhesive labels are very versatile. Due to the various production options, you have the possibility of a broad spectrum of manufacturing to vote. Labels for:

  • Shipping
  • Medical applications
  • Food sector
  • Automotive Industry
  • Stock
  • Companie labels
  • And many other application areas

Printed labels are also differed according to the base material:

  • Paper (matte, coated, glossy, chromo, chromolux)
  • PVC foil
  • PE foil
  • Gold / silver foil
  • More on request

There are labels in many areas, in particular through a conversation best be clarified. It can be determined: basic materials, rubber and other requirements.

The processing possibilities of labels:

  • On rolls
  • single cut, packaged counted upon request
  • folded (zig-zag folded)
  • sheet goods
  • further on request

We will gladly send you samples to choose from.