Terms and Conditions

1st Deals: Our deals are in terms of price, quantity, delivery time and possible engagement.

2nd Prices: They are only valid as long as the cost factors underlying them remain unchanged. The calculation is based on the day of delivery fixed prices.

3rd Dispatch: All consignments done at the expense and risk of the recipient.

4th Postage and packaging: Porto after the applicable tariffs, packing only be calculated if the shipment in special packaging is required by the buyer.

5th Complaints: You can, to the extent they are entitled only within 8 days after receiving the goods. In any case, they need to be in writing. Commercial deviations of the quality, colour, width, weight or equipment can not be challenged, because our suppliers make that reservation. For custom, we more or less up to 10% justified.
For legitimate claims on the basis of manufacturing errors is delivered free replacement or refund is granted, but only if our goods are still not processed. There will be no replacement of the items, or where the faulty parts are appropriate.

6th Resignation right of the seller: war, business or traffic disruptions, shortages of raw materials, higher place orders or cases of force majeure, rid ourselves entirely or in part by the delivery obligation without the buyer is entitled to damages thereby. If the acceptance of goods by the buyer’s fault is not so, we have the right, either by granting a grace period of no more than 10 days a residue statements issued or made from the contract or to demand compensation for damages.

7th After delivery deadline: Are we with the delivery, the buyer must be a replenishment period of 4 weeks grant. For goods in stock of the post-delivery period 5 days. The post-delivery period until after the end of the delivery period, and is expected on the day on which the notice from the buyer registered on. Before the end of the post-delivery period are any claims by the purchaser for late delivery.

8th Payments: Our bills are due, within 10 days, 3% discount, 30 days net
Payments are always for the settlement of the debt plus any accrued interest on arrears. With respect to the date of release is in any case the Post departure stamp. For bank transfers, the day before our bank credit as of the date of clearance of payment. Any late payment terms require our explicit confirmation.

9th Delay in payment: In accordance with the due payment default interest at the rate of 3% above state central bank discount. Before complete payment invoice amounts due, we are including at no additional supply from any current contracts. If the buyer with a payment due or in default occurs in its financial circumstances a significant deterioration, we can all outstanding deliveries at Fort case of the objective for cash payment before delivery of the goods.

10th Payment: Payments will be made in cash, cheque, bank Giro transfers received.

11st Retention of title: The goods supplied by us and any resulting new goods – no matter in what condition – remain until full payment of the purchase price, including secondary claims in the settlement of any account-balance to be paid by the buyer’s our property. Among other conditional owners, we co-owner of the purchaser thereof manufactured goods. In the case of withdrawal of the product from us is a rescission of the contract, if we explain this in writing.
The buyer, the goods under proper course of business to sell or process. He meets every him from sale or other legal grounds in respect of the goods claims as a precaution to us. If the value of our backups claims by more than 10%, we commit ourselves at the request of the buyer, so far the demand on him return. As long as the buyer’s payment obligations to us properly, it is authorized, assigned debts. The buyer is obliged to third persons on requests under our ownership reservation goods supplied us immediately.

12nd The place of performance for deliveries and payments is Bempflingen.

13rd Jurisdiction: all claims (including cheques and bills payable processes) included, is for both parties Nuertingen, for all legal disputes without regard to the height of the object, the court Nürtingen solely responsible.

14th Manufacturing specifications: how designs, printing facilities, etc., we can produce and charge them in proportion to the buyer. Hence for the buyer no ownership claim to this. If the buyer compiling the draft or order for the production of bands, represents the third against the copyright. Prior to contract award our designs enjoy the protection of the imperial law of 19 August 1900 and § 823 BGB. They may not be copied, signed off yet made available to third parties.

Our 15th terms and conditions are determined by the conditions unit of the German textile industry, the latest version. All disputes arising from the contract by the ordinary courts.