Textile labels, clothes labels, naming bands!

Textiletiketten, Carelabels, TKG, Textil EtikettenTextile labels are used in many different areas.

  • Textile Labelling
  • Care labels and size specifications
  • Warning labels or safety in the textile sector
  • Logo or promotional labels
  • and other areas

Printed labels are also differed according to the material:

  • Polyester satin with woven edges
  • Polyester satin normal, smooth, high gloss, extra soft
  • Natural or white cotton fabric
  • Cotton / polyester fabric
  • Nylon
  • Polyester taffeta

Each of these materials is for different areas in the textile industry. There are, for example, polyester taffeta preferred labels in automobiles – or at work clothes. Polyester satin underwear with clothing or skin contact. In addition, there are several ways of processing the labels:

  • singel cut
  • Central folding / loop
  • endfolding
  • further on request

To be precise you will require a conversation by sending us the purpose of the label describe. Then we can share with you the best for your production process.

Textiletiketten, Carelabels, TKG, Textil Etiketten