Thermal transfer printers, direct thermal printer !

Thermotransferdrucker, CAB, A4+, ThermodirektdruckerThermal Transfer Printer replaced today, the simple label printing and are therefore an interesting and cost-saving alternative! Similarly, these printers allow a very rapid response time in individual companies. The flexibility completely reverses back!There are different models, which at 200 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi can be distinguished.

200 dpi – for fonts, writings

300 dpi – for barcode (EAN code) or graphics

600 dpi – for medical or graphics award
Similarly, in print widths distinguished:

Maximum width of 104 mm till 220 mm are possible to print. There are different models of printers available.

It should, however, always held a conversation in advance.

They get course suitable adhesive labels, textile bands and the appropriate thermal transfer foil.