woven labels, instruction, woven label sizes !

Webetiketten, Webgroessen, TKG, Webbaender

Woven labels in their manufacture are very large and therefore with other labels hardly comparable. Due to the various production options, you have the possibility of a broad spectrum of manufacturing to vote. Labels for:

  • Textile Labelling
  • Laundry labels, instruction or size labels
  • Companie labels
  • Other areas

The distinction is woven through with the processing of various yarns in the shot of the label:

  • Polyester Satin
  • Needle Satin
  • Polyester taffeta
  • More on request

There are labels in many areas, in particular through a conversation best be clarified.

The processing possibilities of labels:

  • single cut
  • Central folding / loop
  • Endfolding
  • Self-on role, single cut
  • Further on request

It must be noted that at a very low quantity the cost to run an alternative label is much less.